Sunday, 7 October 2018

Been Suffering from Heaps

Rather better than Piles...

This lot (plus about the same number again) arrived in July, as the weather was at its most enervatingly hot, and just as I was attempting to get the yard tidy for the Sculpture Trail
My local OSMG had been storing these for up to 30 years in his rather damp garage, and now wishes to park his car.
So, 8+ car-loads and a deal of backache later...

Now, all are disassembled - even the most unpromising machine seems to have at least a few re-usable parts - and the parts bagged, labelled, and sorted into buckets. Only one machine had to be rejected outright. My Scrap Man thinks it is Christmas

A bit like so. And, in the meanwhile, the database needs work, the website needs more work, and my heads and thumbs hurt..

Sometimes the evidence makes me quite sad - this machine (a magnificent Wheeler and Wilson 12 industrial) came along separately as I was dismantling. On looking behind the bobbin case, I found this little mungle of thread - a lovely machine consigned to oblivion in a damp Welsh shed for 50 years because of removeable string?

So, anyway, having rejected this sort of stuff

Yes, that is a bobbin winder tyre, carefully preserved in a toolbox (in case it comes in useful?) If I had two, perhaps they would breed?...

...I have started again, again, on cataloguing, sorting, photographing, and tearing-out-of-hair..
This time, in Alphabetical Order, so last night's was Bobbin Cases

And, this morning, several of them need removing, as sold overnight.. Here We Go Again..

And I'm revitalising the somewhat moribund Email Newsletter
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